EB-5 Investor Green Card Advantages

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An EB-5 Investor Green Card is an attractive option for those intending permanent residence in the U.S.

An EB-5 Investor Green Card may provide the following advantages over non-immigrant visas and other types of Green Cards:

  • Only a minimum of approximately $900,000 in certain cases or $1.8 million may need to be invested (can be investor’s own funds, a loan not secured by EB-5 visa investment or a gift);
  • For Regional Center EB-5 visa programs, a separate active 10 job-creating business is not needed (indirect employment creation is accepted for Regional Center cases);
  • Fast-track immigrant (Green Card) status (typically in about 1-11/2 years) is available for EB-5 Visa Regional Center cases;
  • Avoid 5+ year quota backlogs for certain Employment based Green Card/Labor Certification applications;
  • Avoid 5-20 year quota backlogs for all Family based Green Card categories except spouse or parent of a U.S. citizen;
  • No requirement to live in area where investment is made in Regional Center EB-5 visa cases; applicant can work, go to school or retire anywhere in the U.S.; and
  • No day-to-day management of an active business is required for Regional Center EB-5 visa cases, however, applicant has a policy-making role as a limited partner.

To learn about EB-5 Green Card, read the Frequently Asked Questions section which may answer your initial questions.

Schedule a free consultation with EB-5 Green Card attorney Mark Ivener to learn more about the EB-5 Green Card program. Your total investment will vary with your investment choice, your due diligence, and other factors.

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