U.S. Tax And Business Considerations For An EB-5 Visa (Green Card)

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As in all U.S. immigration planning situations, various additional planning considerations should be taken into account. For example.

  1. Pros and cons of an EB-5 visa versus other types of visas (immigrant and non-immigrant);
  2. Additional legal and financial due diligence to be carried out prior to commitment to any EB-5 visa (or other) U.S. investment or business project;
  3. Pre-EB-5 visa tax and business planning desirable for incoming immigrants with significant non-U.S. assets and/or income;
  4. U.S. family law considerations for immigrant married couples with children or separately owned assets, particularly if coming from non-community property jurisdictions;
  5. Forward planning for non-immigrants (e.g. students, employees, diplomats, etc.) who may wish to obtain an EB-5 visa after their non-immigrant status expires; and
  6. Choice of most appropriate family applicant for an EB-5 visa in light of the foregoing issues.

For more detailed information concerning your own specific tax situation, please consult a qualified, international tax attorney.

To learn more about an EB-5 Green Card, read the Frequently Asked Questions section which may answer your initial questions.

To learn more about the EB-5 Investor Green Card Program, schedule a free consultation with EB-5 Green Card attorney Mark lvener to learn more about the EB-5 Green Card program. Your total investment will vary with your investment choice, your due diligence, and other factors.

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