FAQs About EB-5 Investment Options

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What Investment Options DO EB-5 Investors Have?

There are two different options for EB-5 investment: either an EB-5 Regional Center or direct investments.

A regional center is where a person who is investing is a limited partner in a pooled investment. This means that a developer has gone to Immigration and received approval to offer these pooled investments. It also means that multiple people are investing in the same project and have Immigration approval for a certain type of industry or business and part of the state. For example: hotels, apartments or wind energy in the southern part of a state.

There are currently over 800 regional centers around the country, but they don’t all have projects. There may only be 150 or 200 projects available; no one knows the exact amount, but it is certainly much less than the number that has been approved. There aren’t exact statistics, but probably over 95% of all EB-5 cases are regional center investments.

The other option mentioned, is a direct investment which means the investor invests in his or her own business, generally where they’re operating that company themselves.

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