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For more than 40 years, immigration attorney Mark Ivener has exclusively practiced immigration law. He has lectured numerous times on U.S. immigration law, visas and EB-5 investor Green Cards for organizations such as the World Trade Institute; the International, California and Los Angeles Bar Associations; the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA); Immigration Lawyers on the Web (; and the Federal Bar Association.

Mark Ivener is recognized as a Top-Rated Lawyer by AVVO in 2022

His books include Handbook of Immigration Law, Volumes I & II; Doing Business in the USA Under Free Trade; Get the Right Visa; A Complete Guide to Getting An American Visa (in Japanese); and Have You Thought About Immigrating to the US? (in Spanish). In addition, he has authored many articles for such publications as the International Law Journal, the Canadian-American Bar Association Newsletter and Business and the Law.

A leader in his field, Mark Ivener is a founder of the National Consortium of Immigration Law Firms (IMMLAW) and the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers (ABIL). He is listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers (Immigration and Naturalization), the International Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers, and Best Lawyers.

Nationally Recognized Lawyer For EB-5 Green Card Applications:

Chambers is the foremost ranking organization of lawyers and law firms around the world. The following are clients’ and attorneys’ quotes in Chambers about Mark Ivener.

  • Chambers USA 2017 states:
    Mark Ivener of Mark A. Ivener, A Law Corporation, is a highly experienced and respected figure in the California immigration market.  Among other immigration services, Ivener continues to be a leading figure in the EB-5 investor category.
  • Chambers Global 2017 states:
    Mark Ivener … is described by interviewees as “an authority among immigration lawyers.”  He continues to garner significant market respect for his many years at the forefront of the business immigration field.
  • Chambers USA 2016 states:
    What the team is known for A hugely respected West Coast business immigration firm, regularly acting for blue-chip corporate clients from its Los Angeles headquarters. Handles the full range of matters, including investor visas and visas for entertainment industry clients.
  • Chambers Global 2016 states:
    Mark Ivener is described by interviewees as “the dean of immigration lawyers.” He continues to garner significant market respect for his many years at the forefront of the business immigration space.
  • Chambers USA 2015 states:
    Mark Ivener has the utmost professionalism, the latest knowledge on immigration laws and provide   honest and straightforward information.” “The client service is personalized and one-on-one. They never treat   you as a client – always as a partner.”
  • Chambers Global 2015 states:
    “Mark Ivener is ‘the dean of immigration lawyers – he has never guided us wrong,’ according to a client. He has substantial expertise advising clients in the areas of compliance and non-immigrant and immigrant visas.”
  • Chambers USA 2014 states:
    “This full-service firm is highly regarded in the market, particularly in the EB-5 investor category and for representing companies and individuals in the entertainment industry.”
    Mark Ivener advises clients on immigrant visas, nonimmigrant visas and compliance. Market sources say he is “a legend in the EB-5 category” and that “his reputation is stellar.”
  • Chambers Global 2014 states:
    “Mark Ivener is based in Los Angeles and has an excellent reputation particularly in the area of EB-5 investor visas.”
  • Chambers USA 2013 states:
    Mark Ivener is ‘exceptional, very thoughtful, very inciteful and extremely knowledgeable,’ according to informants. He offers a range of immigration services and is deeply involved in work related to the EB-5 investor category.”
  • Chambers USA 2012 states:
    “‘Personable, responsive and knowledgeable’, ‘Mark Ivener is noted for his work on the EB-5 investor scheme. He represents a number of regional centers which advise foreign investors.'”
  • Chambers USA 2011 states:
    “Mark Ivener provides particular assistance to persons of extraordinary ability in the field of entertainment. He is described as ‘one of the premier immigration lawyers in the state; he operates at the absolute cutting edge and has the ability to provide highly creative solutions to the most complex of problems.’ Both Ivener and David Fullmer are highly skilled in the arranging of EB-5 investor visas. Sources single out Fullmer’s ‘proactive approach to client concerns; he is responsive, personable and really knowledgeable.'”
  • Chambers Global 2011 states:
    “Mark Ivener is a ‘phenomenal lawyer who is not only technically brilliant, but someone who really cares about his clients.’ He has particular expertise in EB-5 investor visas and also advises corporate clients on compliance issues. He has obtained visas for multinational clients throughout China, Japan, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.”
  • Chambers USA 2010 states:
    “Mark Ivener is one of the best immigration lawyers out there – proactive, enterprising and looking out for the best interests of his clients.” He is particularly skilled with EB-5 investor visas.”
  • Chambers Global 2010 states:
    “According to sources, Mark Ivener is ‘phenomenal: responsive, creative and easy to work with.’ His investor visa practice receives most praise, with clients highlighting his ability to ‘always come up with solutions to difficult problems.”
  • Chambers USA 2009 states:
    “Clients are full of praise for this ‘go-to business immigration outfit,’ citing the ‘ready access to helpful partners.’ Although its four offices provide the full range of immigration services, the firm is particularly admired for its superb skills and experience in EB-5 investor immigration matters.”
  • Chambers USA 2008 states:
    “The extremely responsive Mark Ivener has been actively involved in the investor Green Cards arena, and earns praise as a hard-working and extremely knowledgeable attorney.”

Mr. Ivener was the only immigration attorney named in Citywealth Magazine’s Top 100 Wealth Advisors and Managers in the Americas; Attorney Leaders List, the annual guide to the Most Highly Regarded Figures in Private Wealth Management; and North America’s Leading Advisors Top 50.

Mr. Ivener was quoted in the February 3-9, 2012, edition of New Orleans City Business, in an article on EB-5 investors, “Lawmaker Wants Foreign Investment for Terminal.” In an article about Louisiana state senator A.G. Crowe wanting to use EB-5 investment funds to finance the Louisiana International Gulf Transfer Terminal, currently an idea for a port at the mouth of the Mississippi River, Mr. Ivener commented on potential conflicts of interest that can result if brokers represent regional centers to which they are steering investors. Mr. Ivener noted that it is common to represent both types of clients separately.

The Los Angeles-based EB-5 Green Card attorney Mark Ivener is a prolific immigration law author. His books on immigration topics include:

  • EB-5 Visas: International Investors & U.S. Taxes , by Gary Wolfe, Ryan Losi, and Mark Ivener (E-Book available on Amazon)
  • Handbook of Immigration Law, with David Fullmer
  • Doing Business in the USA under Free Trade
  • Get the Right Visa
  • A Complete Guide to Getting an American Visa (in Japanese)
  • Have You Thought about Immigrating to the U.S.? (in Spanish)

In addition, Mr. Ivener writes frequently on Visas and EB-5 investment immigration topics. Representative articles by Mr. Ivener include:

  • Considering applying for an EB-5 Visa? An Overview on EB-5,” Mark Ivener, The 13th Annual STEP International Trust and Estate Planning Forum, May 2021.
  • Remote Working Opens New Doors To “Digital Nomads” For Immigration,” Mark Ivener, The 13th Annual STEP International Trust and Estate Planning Forum, May 2021.
  • “International Investors & California: EB-5 Visas/California Taxes”, Mark Ivener & Gary Wolfe, California CEO Business News & Information, May 11, 2016.
  • “EB-5 Investor Green Cards”, Mark Ivener, Partner, Sam Ngo, Immigration Attorney, Mark Ivener and Gary Wolfe, International Tax Lawyer, The Wolfe Law Group, Los Angeles, USA, Offshore Investment Magazine, November 2014.
  • “EB-5 Investor Visa and U.S. Tax Issues”, Mark Ivener & Gary S. Wolfe, Article—The Practical Tax Lawyer, Fall 2013
  • “M&A and Immigration” – An article by Mark Ivener discussing how deals can affect key workers’ visa status and how immigration compliance remains an often overlooked aspect of M&A due diligence. (Acquisition International, August 2012)
  • “International Corporate Immigration Review” – Published in InterContinental Finance, September 2010.
  • “Lawyer, Know Thyself: Fundamental Tips for Building a Strong Brand and a Strong Practice” – Published in Law|Practice (Sept/Oct, 2010)
  • “Fast Track Green Cards Through Investment” – An article by Mr. Mark Ivener published in Immigrant Magazine in February 2009.
  • “Perm Labor Certification,” with David Fullmer, The Immigrant Magazine, July/August, 2008.
  • “Visas for Individuals with Extraordinary Ability,” The Immigrant Magazine, May/June, 2008.
  • “J-1 Visas for Interns and Trainees,” The Immigrant Magazine, March/April, 2008.
  • “Fast Track Green Cards through Investment,” The Immigrant Magazine, January/February, 2008.
  • “Immigration to the U.S.: Tax Planning and Fast Track [EB-5]Permanent Residency,” with co-author Stephen A. Malley, The California International Law Journal, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2007.
  • “M&A And Immigration: Deals Can Affect Key Workers’ Visa Status, Yet Immigration Compliance Remains An Often Overlooked Aspect Of M&A Due Diligence,” Immigration Daily, 7/27/2006
  • “Scrutinize Contractor Hires To Avoid Wal-Mart Problem,” Immigration Daily, 7/6/2006
  • “Stopped at the Border: Anticipating Roadblocks in the Work Visa Application Process Can Help Ensure Safe Passage,” HR Magazine, June 2006.
  • “Green Cards Through Investment Typically In Less Than A Year,” Immigration Daily, 3/9/2006
  • “U.S. Investor Green Cards in Less than a Year,” Citywealth, January 28, 2006.
  • “Complete Immigration Review Avoids Unwelcome Surprises,” Los Angeles Daily Journal, October 2005.
  • “The Proactive Approach” – An article by Mark Ivener about how retailers can take a cue from Wal-Mart’s immigrant labor legal troubles. (Progressive Grocer, Ahead of What’s Next, September 15, 2005)
  • “M&A and Immigration” – An article by Mark Ivener published in The Deal discussing how deals can affect key workers’ visa status and how immigration compliance remains an often overlooked aspect of M&A due diligence. (The Deal, Sept 5, 2005)


  • Member, The State Bar of California
  • Member, American Immigration Lawyers Association
  • Founding Member, National Consortium of Immigration Law Firms (
  • Founding Member, Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers (

Awards and Recognition:

Mr. Ivener is AV® rated by Martindale-Hubbell. He is recognized for his legal immigration work in the following legal directories:

  • Southern California Super Lawyers, Immigration
  • Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers (Immigration & Naturalization)
  • International Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers
  • Ranked in Chambers USA, Leading Individual Lawyer
  • Best Lawyers of America


  • University of Illinois, B.A., 1964 ; University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law, J.D., 1967

Mr. Ivener has decades of experience in helping immigrants from around the world achieve U.S. permanent residency. You can contact Mr. Ivener by calling (310) 477-3000.

“After numerous hours of doing research to find the right immigration attorney by going through several websites (i.e. EB-5) and consulting with various lawyers, i decide to hire Mr. Ivener. I must say that is the best decision that i made since my case is very complicated....”

Kevin E.

“As a foreign customer, I appreciate Mr. Ivener’s professional advice and all hard work done for my case. He and his assistant always explained things to me with a great of patience and accuracy.”

T. S.

“Our office uses the services of Mark Ivener and his firm of Mark Ivener…since 2004. Mark is most responsive to our needs. He has obtained approvals of our immigration applications 100%...”

Ditas G.


30 Reviews

“Mark Ivener is one of the nation’s top business lawyers, and has a particular expertise in EB-5 matters. He is thoughtful and careful in his approach to cases, and I have always appreciated his professionalism.”

Margaret F.

“Mark Ivener is skilled in all areas of business immigration law. He is one of the country’s leading experts in investor visas. Anyone considering an investor green card should consult with an immigration lawyer, such as Mark, with deep experience in this area.”

Ester G.

“Mark is a brilliant, talented, caring and compassionate lawyers, able to masterfully win the most complex of immigration matters. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of the best of the best.”

Jan P.


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