What Are The Things An EB-5 Investor Should Consider?

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How Concerned Should Investors Be About Getting A Return On Their Money Or Should They Be More Concerned About The Green Card?

In one of the topics already discussed, those are the one and two depending on which investor. They run neck to neck and they should be concerned about both. Those are both top-priorities, for most people it is getting the green card; some people realize that there could be a situation where their investment is worth less than the $900,000 they’ve invested.

When talking about down the line, something could happen. Most don’t think there is a chance in the world; if they’ve done any due diligence, then they at least have that expert’s confirmation that it’s not going to go bankrupt and they’re not going to get anything back.

So, it’s obviously a top concern, they’re both concerns but they can both be minimized. One thing to mention is that the percentage of I-526 that are approved, the last numbers were between 80 and 85 percent, so quite high. The percentage of I-829 that are approved are over 90 percent.

So, ultimately once you get to the end, they are the extremely high percentage and the immigration doesn’t keep track of how many of those may have been denied were direct investment cases where people invested their own money and their own business didn’t make it even though that’s a very small percentage of the whole, 97 per cent approximately of all cases submitted are regional center cases, only around 3 per cent are client investments. So, the bottom-line is that they are both important.

What Would A Due Diligence Checklist Look Like For An EB-5 Investor?

It would look something like the one that is given on Attorney Mark Ivener’s website and obviously a few other lawyers also have it on their website; not the exact same as on Ivener’s website, but ones that are very similar.

So, someone could do research and not use that particular attorney and find out due diligence questions, do I ask the regional center and do it on their own and get a lot of questions answered, it is not an in-depth due diligence; it’s getting key questions answered, which is very important, but not an in-depth financial due diligence just by getting questions answered.

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