Investor Green Card

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If you are a foreign investor who is interested in seeking permanent U.S. resident status through the investor visa Green Card program, contact the law firm of Mark A. Ivener, A Law Corporation to schedule a free consultation or speak with an immigration attorney at one of our international offices in Los Angeles or Washington, D.C., to discuss your immigration goals.

Mark A. Ivener, A Law Corporation concentrates in the area of U.S. business immigration law. Attorneys Mark Ivener and David Fullmer have decades of experience in helping immigrants from around the world achieve U.S. residency.

Up to 10,000 immigrant investor visas are currently made available to qualified investors every year. As an applicant for an EB-5 Investor Green Card, you may include your spouse and unmarried minor children as part of your application. Unlike many other categories, there is no quota waiting list for the EB-5  Investor Green Card program.

Two different investor Green Card programs are offered for your consideration: the Direct investor visa program and the Regional Center program. There are over 45 Regional Centers located in Seattle, Washington; California; Washington D.C.; New York; Texas and other locations across the U.S. Click here to find answers to frequently asked questions about Investor Green Card options.

Entrepreneurs, investors, retirees, doctors, professionals, and students are among those for whom the Investor Green Card program is well suited. Read more about the ABC’s of who should consider an EB-5 Regional Center.

The immigration law firm of Mark A. Ivener, A Law Corporation provides a full range of investor visa services. EB-5 attorney Mark Ivener writes and speaks frequently on EB-5 and other immigration topics.

Schedule a free consultation to learn how the investor visa program can accommodate your lifestyle. As a qualifying Regional Center EB-5 immigrant, you will have the freedom and flexibility to live and work wherever you want in the United States. You can also contact us via email or by calling 310-477-3000 or 212-358-9500.

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